How to defrost freezer: the step by step

How to defrost freezer: the step by step
James Jennings

Knowing how to defrost a freezer is important to make the best use of this appliance and ensure proper food preservation.

Do you want to learn when and how to defrost your freezer, what to use to clean it and see a simple and practical step by step? Then keep reading this article.

Why is it important to defrost the freezer from time to time?

Do you need to defrost the freezer? Frost-free appliances, because they have an electronic system that constantly removes excess ice, do not need to be defrosted. But if your freezer does not have this technology, you will need to defrost it from time to time.

Defrosting the freezer is important because ice sheets, when they get too large, impair the circulation of cold air inside the freezer. This can reduce the efficiency of food preservation.

In addition, defrosting is an opportunity to thoroughly clean the inside of the freezer, so you can remove dirt and food debris and check for food that has passed its expiry date.

What is the ideal temperature for the freezer?

The freezer is suitable for food preservation as it always operates at sub-zero temperatures. Domestic appliances can reach below -20°C.

The temperature at which you set your freezer depends mainly on the climate in your area. In very hot seasons, set the appliance to run at the lowest possible temperature. In winter, you can leave it set at minimum power.

When to defrost freezer?

It is a good idea to defrost your freezer at least every six months, taking the opportunity to give it a thorough clean.

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The ones that are frost free, as we have already said, do not need to be defrosted, but be sure to do a general cleaning from time to time, combined?

How to defrost freezer: list of suitable products and materials

When defrosting your freezer, you can use the following materials and products:

  • Newspapers or floor cloths;
  • Plastic spatula;
  • Fan

What not to use for defrosting a freezer?

Some people wonder if they can use a hairdryer to speed up defrosting the freezer. It is recommended not to use this method, mainly because of the risk of dripping water from the defrost splashing on the hairdryer and causing a serious accident. Electricity is a very serious thing and this is not a risk worth taking.

It is also not recommended to use sharp and pointed instruments, such as knives, skewers and forks, among others, to remove ice sheets. These objects can end up piercing the freezer's gas pipes, compromising the operation.

How to defrost freezer: the step by step

Is there a difference in the way each type of freezer defrosts? The answer is no. Regardless of whether the freezer is vertical, horizontal or attached to the refrigerator, the process is basically the same.

Even if the freezer is combined with the refrigerator, you take the opportunity to organize and clean the refrigerator part as well.

To defrost your freezer, follow this step by step:

1. ideally, start defrosting in the morning, so that there is time to complete the entire defrosting and cleaning process throughout the day;

2. unplug the appliance;

3. if there is still food in the freezer, remove it all;

4. remove all moving parts such as dividers, baskets and ice molds;

5. spread sheets of newspaper or cloths on the floor to absorb the melt water;

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6. leave the freezer door open and wait for the ice to melt;

7. you can use a plastic spatula to carefully remove ice sheets that are coming loose;

8. after all the ice has melted, it's time to do a general cleaning of your freezer. When everything is clean, just replace the removable parts and turn the appliance back on.

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How to defrost fast freezer

If you want to speed up the process and defrost the freezer faster, follow the same steps as above and, during defrosting, place a fan pointed at the freezer, at a distance of at least 30 cm.

Some people recommend putting a bowl or pan of hot water inside the freezer to defrost it faster. This is a possible method, but be careful to avoid burns. And of course, keep children at a safe distance.

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