How to sterilize baby bottle: complete guide

How to sterilize baby bottle: complete guide
James Jennings

How to sterilize a bottle to eliminate germs that harm your baby?

In this article, we will teach you step by step for correct sterilization, with tips for different situations.

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Why is it important to sterilize baby bottles?

Sterilization of the bottle, especially the nipple, is extremely important. Together with proper cleaning, it serves to eliminate as many microorganisms as possible that pose health risks to the baby.

Because it contains milk and saliva residues, if not cleaned and sterilized, the bottle can become an environment for bacteria and other germs to proliferate.

It should be noted that the World Health Organization contraindicates the use of pacifiers and bottles and recommends that children breastfeed at least until the age of two. But if it is not possible to maintain exclusive breastfeeding and the bottle is used in your home, care must be taken to ensure that the utensil is always clean and sterilized.

When to sterilize a baby bottle?

Every time you buy a new bottle, you must sterilize it before first use.

Then, to maintain a proper sanitizing routine, you can sterilize it at least once a day.

Until when is it necessary to sterilize a baby bottle?

You should keep sterilizing the bottle daily at least until the baby is 1 year old.

After that, the child's immune system is more developed and their body can deal with germs more effectively.

How to sterilize a baby bottle: products and materials needed

Sterilization is the end of a sanitization process that begins with careful cleaning. You can clean the bottle and nipple using detergent and a specific brush for this use.

When it comes to sterilization, you only need to boil the bottle with hot water. This can be done in several ways:

  • Using a pan on the stove;
  • In an electric baby bottle sterilizer;
  • In a container for sterilization in the microwave.

How to sterilize baby bottle in 4 techniques

You can follow the same steps to sterilize new or used baby bottles:

Check out the tips below to make the bottle sterile using 4 methods:

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How to sterilize a baby bottle in the microwave

  • Clean the bottle thoroughly, using detergent and a brush;
  • In a container suitable for sterilization, pour the amount of water indicated in the instructions for use;
  • Place the disassembled bottle inside the container and fit the lid that prevents the escape of steam;
  • If you prefer to use a glass bowl, pour a quantity of water that covers the bottle;
  • Place the container in the microwave and turn on the appliance for 8 minutes;
  • Using thermal gloves or a cloth to hold the container, carefully remove it from the microwave;
  • Carefully remove the bottle and accessories and let them dry naturally on a rack or paper towel. Do not use a cloth to dry, to avoid contaminating the bottle.

To sterilize the bottle in the microwave it is interesting that it is clean, right? Check out how to do this hygiene!

How to sterilize baby bottle in the pot

  • Clean the bottle, using detergent and brush;
  • Place the disassembled bottle in a pot of water (the amount of water should cover the bottle and accessories);
  • Bring to the boil and, after the start of the boil, leave for 5 minutes. A tip is to set a timer to wake up in that time after the start of the boil. This is because the plastic can spoil if it stays too long in the pan;
  • Turn off the heat and, using kitchen tongs, remove the bottle and accessories from the pan;
  • Lay everything out to dry naturally, on a rack or a sheet of paper towels.

How to sterilize baby bottle in electric sterilizer

  • Wash the bottle using detergent and brush;
  • Pour the amount of water indicated in the instructions for use of the sterilizer;
  • Put the disassembled bottle in the sterilizer. If it is a type with a lid, close it;
  • Turn the appliance on and leave it for the time indicated in the instructions. The important thing is that the bottle is in boiling water for at least 5 minutes;
  • Carefully remove the bottle and accessories and lay everything out to dry naturally on a rack or sheet of paper towels.

How to sterilize a baby bottle on the go

If you're traveling with a small baby, one tip is to buy a small-sized microwave sterilizer container, so you can use it anywhere that has one.

There are also self-sterilizing bottles, with parts that can be fitted and sealed inside the bottle itself, which you fill with water and put in the microwave for 8 minutes. It is a good option for those who travel with the baby.

Another tip is to take an electric sterilizer on your trip, but remember to check the voltage in the place where you are going. If your sterilizer is not bivolt, the voltage difference can damage the device.

What not to do when sterilizing a baby bottle?

  • Some people ask how to sterilize baby bottles in the dishwasher, but this is not possible. The reason is that even in the hot water cycle, dishwashers do not reach the temperature required for sterilization, which is 100 °C;
  • Do not leave the bottle in boiling water for less than 5 minutes;
  • If you use the pan to sterilize, don't leave it on too long to avoid damaging the plastic;
  • Do not use cloths to dry the bottle after sterilization, to avoid contamination with germs present on the cloth.

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