How to wash a toilet? Check out the complete guide!

How to wash a toilet? Check out the complete guide!
James Jennings

Once you learn how to flush toilets properly, you'll see that this task is no big deal.

Is there a way to wash a bathroom fast? Yes! And dry cleaning a bathroom? That's possible too. Or do you want to learn how to deep clean a bathroom? Even better.

Find all the answers here, with product recommendations, step-by-step instructions, tips and more.

Clean and smelly bathroom, here we come!

But, after all, what is the right frequency for washing toilets?

There's no secret to knowing how often you should flush your toilet: ideally, you should do a full flush once a week.

An important factor to consider is how often the toilet itself is used. If many people use it daily, the toilet should be washed twice a week.

But beware: keeping the bathroom in order is a daily job. You know those toothpaste residues that stick to the sink, for example?

Just wipe them off while they're still damp and you'll save yourself a lot of time trying to remove them when they're dry.

So, if you're the type of person who wants to know how to wash toilets fast, you need to know that the more up to date your bathroom cleaning is, the less effort you'll have to put in with each wash.

But assuming your bathroom isn't that dirty and you want to know how to do a light weekly cleaning, there's no problem. Just don't go more than a week without washing, okay?

Before we go to the step by step, let's go to the list of materials.

How to wash the bathroom? Check the list of products and materials

You can't do a good bathroom wash with just a few materials. It's somewhat logical: the bathroom is one of the rooms that gets dirty most easily.

If you don't clean and disinfect the bathroom properly, the place will be a real playground for fungi and bacteria that can cause skin, urinary and gastrointestinal infections.

Write down everything you will need:

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  • Multipurpose with degreasing action;
  • active chlorine;
  • a multi-purpose cloth ;
  • two floor cloths;
  • two sponges;
  • toilet brush;
  • disinfectant ;
  • cleaning gloves.

Learn here what are the types of cleaning gloves and how to use them.

Active chlorine is the product that will be the star of your bathroom cleaning! It can be applied to the sink, the floor, the tiles, the toilet bowl and so on.

In turn, the degreasing power of the multipurpose will be used to complement the action of chlorine inside the bathroom shower.

In addition, it is recommended that you have two floor cloths, as one is to be used on the floor and the other on the walls. The same goes for sponges: one is to be used on the floors and the other is for smaller items, such as soap dishes, for example.

The Perfex multi-purpose cloth will help you clean surfaces such as glass. Click here to understand how to use it!

Now, let's get to the tutorial?

3 ways on how to flush toilets properly

The basic step-by-step on how to flush toilets the right way is as follows:

1. remove all objects from the bathroom - all of them!

2. start by washing the inside of the shower stall. pour water, chlorine and the multi-purpose degreasing agent. scrub well with the sponge and leave it on for 10 minutes.

3. in the meantime, clean the inside of the toilet bowl with the chlorine and the toilet brush. On the outside, wipe the chlorine with the sponge.

4. sponge the sink and the tub. on the cupboard, wipe with a multi-purpose cloth moistened with water and your preferred ypê multi-purpose . This also applies to shelves, if you have them.

5. mop the floor and walls with the chlorine + water mixture.

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6. time to rinse everything off!

7. wipe with the multi-purpose cloth the items that are still missing, such as the glass of the shower stall, for example.

8. with the clean cloth, dry all wet surfaces.

9. put away in their proper places the hygiene items you removed in step #1. to finish cleaning the bathroom with a fragrant touch, apply the disinfectant to the floor with a very damp cloth.

It's likely to take you no more than an hour to complete the deep clean of your bathroom.

Oh no, are you in a hurry? That's okay, we have tips for you too.

How to wash bathroom fast: 15-minute cleaning

As we've already mentioned, it all depends on the state of your bathroom. There's no point in wanting to wash your bathroom quickly if it's filthy, is there?

The steps are similar to what we have already mentioned, but there are some modifications.

To wash the bathroom fast, you don't need to remove all the objects inside, just the ones that can't get wet. Oh, you don't need to scrub the walls either, as they usually take longer to get clean.

Clean the cabinets and other necessary items with the multipurpose cloth moistened with water and Multiuso Ypê Premium.

Mop only the shower area (without soaking), the toilet and the sink. On the outside of the shower, just wipe the floor with a very wet cloth with chlorine and water. Wait for it to dry and wipe it with the disinfectant.

End, that's how to get the toilet flushed fast and clean!

How to wash a very dirty bathroom

This tip is for those who have a dirty bathroom that is begging for help.

What we're going to teach you here is for super deep cleaning, the kind that can even get the slime out of your bathroom.

In this case, the steps are similar to what we have already explained to you, but the difference is in the recipe you will use to clean everything.

Along with the water, chlorine and detergent, add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a glass of vinegar. This mixture is powerful and even serves to clean parts where more dirt accumulates, such as grouting.

In fact, here's a reading tip: our full text on bicarbonate!

The special attention here is for the shower and toilet area. Scrub a lot!

But if your bathroom is already spotlessly clean and you just want to give it a light wipe, then you can afford to dry clean your bathroom.

How to dry clean a bathroom

To dry clean your bathroom, you will need to rely on rags and a spray bottle.

In the container with the spray bottle, mix water, two tablespoons of detergent and two tablespoons of active chlorine.

Spray this mixture on the surfaces to be cleaned and wipe them down. You won't need anything more than that!

12 bathroom items you should clean

Around here we've already told you that you have to wash the shower stall, the toilet, the sink and the tub... but so far, nothing new, right?

But absolutely everything in the bathroom is subject to moisture and the reproduction of microorganisms.

So, to make your cleaning even more complete, check out our list of items you can't forget to clean along with the bathroom.

1. waste garbage can

2. toothbrush holder

3. soap dispensers

4. taps

5. drain cover

6. mirror

7. the toilet brush

8. plunger

9. product packaging

10. shaving appliances

11. cupboard drawers

12. towel holders

Do you already clean all these items when you wash the bathroom? If so, congratulations! But if not, it's time to write everything down and put it into practice.

8 tips to maintain cleanliness after flushing the toilet

Just like in other parts of the house, more than periodically cleaning the room, you need to know how to keep it clean for longer.

There are some tricks for you to leave your bathroom always in good condition, check it out:

1. never flush without lowering the toilet lid;

2. change bath and face towels and bathroom rugs weekly;

3. keep a clean, dry, lint-free cloth over the sink for easy daily cleaning;

4. never let the waste basket overflow;

5. prefer not to put the laundry basket in the bathroom;

6. keep the bathroom floor and shower stall dry at all times;

7. remember to leave the bathroom constantly with good ventilation;

8. leave a disinfectant in the bathroom to use it often.

See how washing the bathroom and maintaining its cleanliness isn't that difficult?

Every effort is worth it when our home gets well sanitized and safe with the help of cleaning 💙

Does your bathroom have carpet? Learn how to sanitize carpets properly with our step-by-step!

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