3 steps to set up a vegetable garden in your home!

3 steps to set up a vegetable garden in your home!
James Jennings

Having freshly picked vegetables at home can be simpler than you think. Follow the tips below and see how easy it is to have a vegetable garden at home

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Unlike what you might think, growing a vegetable garden at home is not so complicated. Just have a little bit of creativity. A vegetable garden is synonymous with health and a balanced diet, in addition to bringing more green to the home being an ally in the decoration. Take advantage of the free time at home to start your vegetable garden!

1 - Choose the location

It is important for the development of plants that the environment receives direct sunlight for a few hours a day, which can be a balcony or window. If you have more space like a garden or a backyard this space can also be used. After choosing the location the next step is to choose where the plants will be grown:

  • Direct in the Ground: If you have a garden this is a great option, this way the chosen seeds and seedlings are planted directly into the ground;
  • Vases: These are the most common alternative, with different size and shape options;
  • Recyclable packaging: This is a sustainable and affordable option. You can use plastic, metal or glass packaging and decorate it however you like;
  • Vertical vegetable garden: It is a great option for those who do not have much space in addition to complementing the decor.

2 - What to plant

Once you have the location chosen it is time to separate the seeds and seedlings for cultivation. To start, you can choose spices, they are easy to grow and do not require much space. Mint, basil, parsley, chives, rosemary and oregano are great options. These herbs are easily found in home centers and flower shops. If you have more space, you can choose vegetablessuch as lettuce, cabbage and cherry tomatoes.

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3 - How to care

Now that your seedlings have been chosen and planted, it is essential to maintain care so that they grow healthily. So, keep a frequency to water them, use organic pesticides against possible pests and leave the soil always fertilized.

James Jennings
James Jennings
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