How to scare away flies

How to scare away flies
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Flies are able to survive in almost any climate and are among the most common and hated insects in the world. Associated with dirt, they can actually transmit disease and contaminate food.

Today you will learn the ways to scare away flies from the kitchen:

  • Why do flies appear in the house?
  • What are the health risks posed by flies?
  • How to scare away flies?
  • Tips to avoid flies at home

Why do flies appear in the house?

Because they are diurnal insects, it is common to see flies in the kitchen at times of food preparation and consumption. This is also because they are attracted to organic materials. That is, garbage, food scraps and even a little thorough cleaning are a lure for these insistent and disease-transmitting insects.

What are the health risks posed by flies?

Because they have a dietary preference that includes feces and decaying organic remains (such as garbage and dead animals), flies can carry up to 351 different bacteria on their paws, according to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports in 2017.

Some of these bacteria can be harmful to human health, causing a variety of diseases ranging from diarrhea to gastritis to skin and respiratory infections.

How to scare away flies?

If you didn't know why, now you can understand the concern about scaring flies away from food and surfaces, they really are annoying insects, but above all, dangerous to health.

Below we bring you homemade ways to scare away flies.

How to scare away flies with coffee

Scaring flies away with coffee is one of the most traditional ways to keep these animals out of the house. To do this you put coffee powder in a bowl and, using a lighter or match, burn the powder. The smoke scares the flies away, like a kind of natural incense.

How to scare away flies with vinegar

Vinegar can be used to finish cleaning, helping to keep flies away from the house. To do this, simply wet a cloth with a little vinegar and use it to sanitize the kitchen countertops, the table and other surfaces that have had contact with organic matter and may have some residue that attracts insects.

In addition, vinegar is also good for sanitizing the spaces that serve as bathrooms for pets.

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How to scare away flies with cloves and lemon

Cloves do not eliminate flies, their odor is repellent to insects, so we will teach you two ways to create natural flavorings.

The first is using cloves and a lemon: simply cut the lemon in half and stick cloves in both halves. Then you place the lemon halves studded in the most problematic rooms in the house, i.e. those that tend to attract the most flies.

But beware: in sunlight, the acid in lemon intensifies the action of ultraviolet rays, which can cause spots and even burns on the skin. Wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

Another point: remember to keep your house clean with the right, safe and specific products. This way, you make it harder for flies to appear and avoid uncomfortable situations.

How to scare away flies with cloves and apples

It's more or less the same with apples: to scare flies away from your home, you can stick about 20 cloves into an apple and place it in the area of the house that tends to attract these insects the most.

In addition to helping to keep flies away, the smell is very good, like a natural flavoring, even.

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How to scare away flies with basil and bay leaf

Another way to ward off flies by smell is to use basil and bay leaves.

With them you can create a kind of sachet that keeps flies away from the house. To do this, simply put leaves from the plants in sachets and spread them around the house.

How to scare away flies with alcohol

Alcohol can be used to create a solution. To do this, separate 1 liter of water, 250 ml (which is approximately one American glass) of common liquid kitchen alcohol (46, 2º INPM) and 100 g of rue. Add everything and liquefy. With the solution ready you can use a spray bottle and spread it around the kitchen and other problematic places in the house.

This solution is a little more complex to make, but it also helps to keep away another pest: ants. It can be used at the end of the day, after a cleaning.

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How to scare away flies with PET bottle

The custom of using plastic bags and PET bottles filled with water to drive away flies really works.

It's simple: you fill the PET bottle or plastic bag with water and leave it hanging or distributed around the house. Important: always leave the bag or bottle closed so as not to attract the dengue mosquito!

Agronomist Octávio Nakano of the University of São Paulo (USP) explained the mechanism in an interview with SuperInteressante magazine in 2011:

What happens is that the bottle (or bag) works more or less like a mirror. When faced with their own reflection, flies (and other insects) instinctively change their path and usually leave the house.

Amazing and simple, right?

How to scare away flies with insecticide

Insecticides for flies work, but they should be used with caution. Especially in homes with children and animals, excessive use of insecticides can cause damage to health. And that's even those that claim to be non-toxic. So use in moderation!

Tips to avoid flies at home

As we have already mentioned, flies are attracted to organic materials and feces, so the first step to get rid of this inconvenient insect that can transmit many diseases is to keep the house clean.

After producing and consuming food, it is important to clean rooms of bran and leftovers and to wash dishes.

In addition, for those who have pets, the care of the environments used by them such as bathrooms and even the remains of snacks and exposed rations is also important.

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